Ask any lifetime sailor how they got into sailing and the answers will sound something like, “at my local summer camp, I raced [Optis, Sunfish, Bics, Lasers, etc.] at my yacht club, at my beach house during the summer…” The where is far less important than the when; ask when they started sailing and it is likely they all say the same thing, “as a kid.” To be considered a lifelong sailor, you have to start young. And while RS has several boats for adults looking to learn how to sail, there is one boat that reigns supreme when it comes to introducing kids to sailing.

The RS Tera is the perfect boat to get young sailors hooked on the sport. With cool looks and a wide array of features it is no wonder this fast and exciting 21st century single hander is so addictive. Well-versed on the boat and its features, RS Tera Class President Renee Corpuz isn’t surprised by how successful the boat has been as an introduction into a lifetime of sailing, “the boat keeps kids interested in sailing and motivated to keep improving,” Corpuz says. Unlike other boats in this space, the Tera does not have an age limit and has far more versatility that allows for a wider range of sailors to enjoy the boat. “[You can] use as a learn to sail boat, a beginning racing platform, or for your advanced racing team,” Corpuz says, because RS makes it easy to adjust the boat to each sailor’s needs/skill level.

Speed and excitement combine to make the Tera one of the desirable boats. However, its features truly put it in a class of its own. An adjustable mast, self-draining cockpit and multiple sail sizes are just a few of the features that make the Tera so exceptional. The adjustable mast makes it possible for people of all sizes to sail. The mast height can be adjusted quickly and only requires one piece, there is no need to purchase multiple masts for multiple sailors. When it comes to learning to sail, if there is one thing that all new sailors have in common, it is a proclivity for capsizing. And if there is one thing all sailing coaches and teachers have in common, it is a dislike for bailing out students’ boats. Insert: the RS Tera’s self-draining cockpit. Now students can right their boats with ease and come up dry.

Along with the adjustable mast, three different sail sizes are available to perfectly fit the size and skill of every sailor. The Tera Sport is a 3.7 meter Dacron sport sail perfect for juniors from 65 lbs. Easy reefing around the mast keeps sailors from getting overpowered in heavier conditions. For larger sailors, the RS Tera Pro is a 4.8 meter, fully battened Mylar Pro sail. Perfect for juniors and small adults above 90 lbs, the Tera Pro sail is light and powerful and is great for progressing sailors. Instead of purchasing an entirely new boat for growing sailors, a new sail can be purchased instead. There is even a Mini option for small or brand-new sailors. Similar to the Tera Sport, the Mini contains two reefs so there is no risk of becoming overpowered as they learn. Junior Sailing Director Ron Dreyer greatly appreciates the adaptability of the Tera, “You can reef main for small kids and stronger breezes,” he says. “Plus, it’s simple to rig without sacrificing sail controls.” RS even makes it possible to use the Tera without sails or a rudder. An optional rowing kit add-on is perfect for people looking to use the boat as a tender, or so they can enjoy the fun on windless days.

Considering all the available features and add-ons it is no surprise that the Tera has found a place as both a leisure boat for families at the beach and a top-notch, international racing boat on the World Circuit. Wherever you find yourself sailing the Tera one thing is certain, a lifetime of sailing awaits.


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