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RS Tera Sailor Journey from 2010 to today

Freya Grant RS Tera Pro Sailor shares her RS Tera Sailing journey from RS Tera Worlds in Carnac France in 2010 onwards.



It feels crazy that the 6th of April marked the end of this years squad season. It feels like just yesterday that I received the letter telling me that I had been given a place. This year was my last in the RS Tera squads. It's crazy how much has changed in the past four years.

Four years ago the worlds where held in Carnac. I remember being so nervous as I turned up; not knowing what to expect. However it turned out to be one of my favourite events. I remember that I came last in all but one race but I didn't care as I was there to have fun and not to win. I remember getting my letter saying that I was offered a place in the intermediate squad. It was the best feeling. The squads where so different back then. Only a handful of people. However they where still just as much fun and just as educational as they where this year.

Three years ago the worlds where in Denmark. The main thing I remember about those worlds was the amount of Jellyfish! It was crazy! To me the worlds used to be so different. It was not about my position. It was about how much fun I had. And to this day that's what I try and focus on. If I'm not having fun then what is the point.

Two years ago the worlds where held in Italy. This was amazing! I remember it was the most beautiful place to sail (even if the wind was quite light) the racing was the highest standard I had ever raced against. At this point I was still in the sport. However I chose to move into the pro to do the squads. The squads two years ago was great. The coaches are such a laugh and they always teach you all that you need to know. That is the one thing that has not changed throughout the years.

Last year the worlds where in good old England. The venue was awesome and the winds where simply great! It was such amazing competition. The strongest competition I have ever sailed against. The standard in Tera's is only rising. It is incredible how much the fleet has evolved. The squad season following the British worlds have came to a close on the 6th of April. It is really sad now thinking about the fact I have now left the squads. I used to love going and seeing all of my friends. Also I enjoyed racing (and beating) them. It will be so sad to go as the squads have been an amazing opportunity. Also my sailing ability would be nowhere near what it is at the moment without the help of the coaches. The coaching is great and we always have a blast.

From Freya Grant

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