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WEBSITE We now have our own Scottish  Tera website, link is…. . Big thanks to Jennie Clark, from Northern teras in England  for organising the website for us.


I ll keep updating new  info on this website ( once I learn how to work it) , so keep looking for  updates from now on.


SCOTTISH TERA CLOTHING. We have managed to organise Scottish tera clothing , with hoodies and t’s etc available thro link from website, hope you can order some for your kids. Go to…


EVENTS  We will be having about six events next year spread thro out the season, dates and venues not decided yet, just organising yet and seeing which clubs can purchase some teras for 2014. If you are keen on holding an event at your club in 2014, and I haven’t spoken to you already, please get in touch. At present I can say we will definitely be having race and train events at Wormit, Port Edgar, Dalgety Bay and Royal Tay, with other events planned at clubs who will be purchasing teras for 2014. Looking for a title sponsor to help with coaching and prizes costs for 2014, anyone interested, please get back in touch. Lots of publicity given to any business interested.


NEW TERAS, Good news is we have at present  a number of clubs and a few private buyers who are keen to purchase teras for 2014, I am keen to try and get a deal for a bulk order for all Scotland if we can. If you would be keen on looking at this more , please get in touch with me ASAP, and we can see what we can do with RS AND JP WATERSPORTS for a bulk order. I reckon we will need to get 20 boats to achieve this, but I am sure we can do this, please have a look at this ASAP. At present a new tera will cost  about 2k each for boat with sport sail, cover and trolley. There is a really strong demand for secondhand boats , so secondhand prices are high, so you will not lose much on depreciation on buying new over secondhand.


Secondhand teras. JP, from JP WATERSPORTS  has taken over running the Port Edgar sailing school facility, and has six secondhand teras available at £895.00 each as he is replacing them  for 2014 . They come with trolley and sport sail. There is also three for sale on Apollo duck at £775.00 for all three boats.I have asked for more details and photos. TEL 07712896502 JP  IF INTERESTED IN PORT EDGAR BOATS.


ERIC TWINAME TRUST TERAS THRO RS…   NEW TERAS AT £1350.00 EACH  In January RS expect to be able to have boats available  from the Eric Twiname Trust available to clubs to apply to trust for purposes of training and racing for junior sailors at their clubs. There will be approx. 20 boats in uk thro this scheme, and you will need to apply  and see if you are successful.  Max two boats per club I think. Any club interested, please get back in touch with me and I will keep you informed when hear more.



Demo Boats…JP with RS  has organised to get us three demo boats on a trailer for scottish use in 2014. These are available for sailors to borrow for events ( max 2 times use allowed by same person), and also for clubs to try out  boats at training or racing days with a view to buying some for  there club in the future. If you are interested in trying out a tera for demo see JP on TEL 07712896502  to get one asap.



Peter Owen and Ewan Wilson represented the tera class at last weekend’s  Champion of Champion’s Scottish dinghy event. Unfortunately they didn’t fair well on handicap against the big boats at Loch Tummel even though there was only  5 mins between first and last in most races, but they had a good battle between themselves, and both sailed really well in there mini America’s cup duel! This weekend we have four Scottish teras going down to Derwent reservoir for the NE Youth champs with sailing against a fair few NE England teras. Last season Derwent only had three teras, and are now up to 22 teras at their club. Should be a good event for the Scottish teras to race against a fair few other teras at a good venue. Next years nationals are at Derwent next August, this is only 2.5 hours from Edinburgh.


Please forward this e mail on to any individual or club who you think could be interested in teras in future


If you are wanting any info or advice at all, please get back in touch. Hope you are keen to get teras for your club or personally, there a brill wee boat for kids to sail in  and enjoy. We have 9 teras at Wormit and kids love sailing in them and great for teaching them to sail and also racing…..GET ONE FOR YOUR KID, OR  LOADS  IF YOU’RE A CLUB!!


Cheers Robbie


Email Me


PS….Dont ask if I work for RS or JP, I don’t, I  just think these are best boats for young  kids to have fun in and develop and enjoy there sailing!!




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