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RS Tera Boat Register / History

The boat register history has been built up over many years by owners of the boats entering their own details. If you see a boat number missing or a boat that you have previously owned but the entry is not there, please enter the details as a new entry.
This helps people when purchasing used boats as well as helping us build events calendars closer to the active fleets.
Boat Not Listed?

CountrySail NoOwnerPurchasedClub
GBR3009Ben Harris18/09/2015Weston SC
GBR2930Annabel Brown10/04/2015Carsington
GBR2852Edwin Thomas10/01/2015Rock Sailing Club
GBR2838Harry McTiernan15/11/2014Brightlingsea SC
GBR2835Ben Dearden18/10/2014Ripon Sailing Club
GBR2822Jack Henry01/10/2015HISC
Isle of Man2713James Arnold25/04/2014Isle of Man Yacht Club
GBR2634Oliver Kent04/12/2013Ripon Sailing Club / Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club
GBR2632Caitlin Morley28/11/2013Burnham Sailing Club
GBR2620Iggy McNally06/09/2014Whitstable Yacht Club
GBR2616Ollie Jenkins16/09/2013HISC
GBR2584Becky Caiger01/09/2013Bewl Valley Sailing Club
GBR2450Blythe Berry03/03/2013Emsworth SC
GBR2442Matthew Caiger21/03/2013Bewl Valley Sailing Club
GBR2440William Caiger21/03/2013Bewl Valley Sailing Club
GBR2429Ana Paterson01/03/2013Ripon Sailing Club
GBR2414Oliver Brown01/03/2015Carsington
GBR2410Andrew Frost25/12/2012Sutton Bingham
GBR2399Thomas and Benedict Yearsley19/09/2012Olton Mere Sailing Club
GBR2386Matthew Perry06/04/2012IOMYC
GBR2378Matt Evans13/12/2014Great Moor Sailing Club
GBR2371Rupert JamesonHayling Island SC
GBR2350Ethan Miles20/08/2012Emsworth/HISC
GBR2236Alexander Barry04/06/2015
GBR2233Henry JamesonHayling Island SC
GBR2230Harrison Pye01/12/2012Draycote Water Sailing Club
GBR2167Oliver Johnson08/05/2014Aston Water SC
GBR2156Henry Gillett20/06/2013Royal Harwich Yacht Club / Erith Yacht Club
GBR2153Holly Brayshay25/08/2014Ripon SC
GBR2152Sydney Pettitt01/08/2011Alton Water Sailing Club
GBR2138Archie Hainsworth16/08/2011AWSC
GBR2130Louis Tomlinson24/03/2013Orford Sailing Club
GBR2125Knock Family04/09/2015Port Dinorwic Sailing Club
GBR2115Eleanor ClarkRipon SC
GBR2111Elizabeth Miller06/04/2014Ripon Sailing Club
GBR2028Harvey Badman01/03/2014Draycote Water
GBR2012George Catchpole01/04/2011Waveney and Oulton Broad Yacht Club
GBR1995Lucy Greenwood09/01/2010Alton Water Sports Centre
GBR1990William Orringe20/04/2011Hisc
GBR1920George and Charlie Combe01/10/2012Derwent Reservoir SC
GBR1747Matt Taylor01/07/2010Alton Water Sports Centre
GBR1744Liam Willis10/07/2000Lymington Town S.C.
GBR1693Fergus Pye01/07/2011Draycote Water Sailing Club
GBR1499Ben Harris24/06/2013Weston SC
GBR1199Natasha Cubitt01/10/2012Alton Water SC
GBR1058Harvey O'Sullivan24/04/2012Alton Water Sailing Club
GBR984Dom and Mark Smith01/08/2010Alton Water
GBR940Karenza Dearden15/02/2015Ripon Sailing Club
GBR841Oliver Thorpe19/10/2014Royal Torbay Yacht Club
GBR813Mia Botfield01/12/2012Rutland
GBR798Alice Davis13/03/2014Great Moor Sailing Club
GBR705Toby Dawkins31/07/2015Bristol Corinthian Tacht Club
GBR704Mathilde van der Does de Willebois19/10/2013Alton Water
GBR478Ethan Gerrell11/07/2015Queen Mary
GBR433Oliver Jenkins26/04/2013Hayling Island Sailing Club
GBR416Oscar Cubitt30/11/2011Alton Water SC
Boat Sold, new owner details not available.

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